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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Print issue delayed

My computer is still not working, I am waiting for a power supply.

For those of you that read the blog but don't visit the forum, there have been changes. I have withdrawn the print issue from Steel Moon...Pete has left again apparently, if it was ever Pete in the first place and this is just plain bad business. I am sorry for those in the issue, but I am working on getting another publisher. I will let everyone know what's what when I have news. When my own computer is working I'll email everyone that was slated for that issue and tell them what's going on.

I am unable for the time being to update static, because of the computer trouble and my computer is the only way in. When I am able to get in I will replace the forum with our old one and take Steel Moon and Ragged Edge off of the site. The dedication will also be changed, and no matter what happens I will no longer support either site.

We have a lot of stories and poetry slated for the September issue, but that will be put off until October, as I haven't been able to get all of the works to the proof reader. The contest will also go longer, and I do have some contest stories for the site when we get back.

Thank everyone for sticking with me, I see there are still lots of visits to the site, I only hope everyone or at least most people will find my messages somehow to know that we have not quit. We get submissions daily and I respond the same day so apparently, even though the site says August, people know we are alive, well, and coming back!



  • At 4:33 PM, Anonymous Charles Muir said…

    Thanks for the update, Chris. I check the forum daily. I was worried Static Movement might be going on hiatus given everything going on lately... I'm sorry the print issue with Steel Moon fell through though, it was really looking good.

  • At 3:23 PM, Anonymous louise said…

    Hi Chris,

    Sorry to hear the news about the anthology. It seemed like everything was going fine even up until 8/14. I hope you can find another publisher.



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