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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Time Might Change Me...But I can't Change Time

It's pretty amazing how much can happen in a relatively short span of time. I can remember when I first met Chris back in December of '05 and she was still assembling the staff and content for the first issue of Static. Back then there was a certain amount of uncertainity, expectations and dreams. I remember there was a bit of a panic when one staff memeber, I think the 'web master' jumped ship for personal reasons rather late in to the game. Chris with the help of some others stepped up and got the issue and magazine launched.

And now seven months late I look at this magazine and am proud to see that not only does it still exist, and has not only retained the original staff, but also gained new staffers, but has managed to put out a new issue relatively on time and presented strong original material that spans the genres. It is not uncommon for a new small press publication to bite the proverbial dust early on, but Static has grown in scope and remained dedicated to presenting a good selection of authors. Now that a print anthology is in the works it goes to show that everyone's hard work and dedication to the magazine and to the vision of what Static is has paid off.

Some small press magazines cater to a small collective of friends/acquantinces but I can honestly say that Static's doors are open to everyone, as long as they take into regard the guidelines and have solid writing abilities, and it is great to see the variety of people that have contributed to Static.

Personally, I think it is great to be involved with the people here at Static and their side projects. It is hard to find passionate people in everyday life, and to find genuine non-game players in the online literary/art world. But the folks at Static are genuine about the magazine and the small press in general.

With the recent rebirth of REP and the collaborations that will stem from that I think Static has a very promising future. It'll be interesting to see what changes come with Time.


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