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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Submission talk

Running an ezine is really (to me) like getting ready to throw a big party...and wondering if anyone will come.

It's not that we don't get submissions, we do. We aren't getting enough though, when you consider that most of them are declined. I thought it might be good to write a little about why subs are turned away, for the lack of anything better to talk about today.

Format: I work from three in the morning to about eleven. I'm really tired when I get home and the last thing I want to do, and indeed no longer even try, is re-format a submission because the submitter didn't bother to read the guidelines. We want the site to be uniform, meaning all of the stories need to have the same look, so it doesn't look like a two year old published them. Some of the stories have taken me hours to fix...and it's not fun. I like for this to be fun, so please for the love of everything good, read the guidelines and send accordingly.

Tense Problems: The biggest problem I see is tense. If you aren't sure whether you mix tenses or not, please go here and check.

Clarity: Here is another biggie...when you write, you have to write so that the reader understands what you are talking about. We are getting lots of stories where the writer is skipping here and there and by the end, we don't know what we just read. There are fragments (parts of sentences), wandering thoughts, thoughts that are random. Don't use flowery words unless you know what they mean and can put them into the story where they go. I'm serious, we have read submissions where there are all kinds of sentences thrown in randomly and if this is the experimental stuff...we don't like it and we won't publish it.

Timing: Are you being lazy and not submitting to Static Movement until late in the month? Do you want your story illustrated??? If you don't, fine, wait till the end, but if you would like for us to try to get an illustration for your story you should give our illustrators time to do one. You probably won't like hearing this, but our staff have lives too and they don't love to sit there and get something to illustrate two days before we publish your story.

Print issue: We are doing a print issue of Static Movement, and if it does well we will do another, if you'd like to be considered, you should be in touch with me...otherwise you won't be included, to be honest, I can't find everyone. If you don't have a story in any of the issues, you can't be considered for a future print issue either so maybe you should submit something.

Well, guess that's all for now.



  • At 8:21 PM, Anonymous Louise said…

    Hi Chris,

    I've had some writer's block of late, and wasn't able to come up with anything for SM. However the story I submitted to Ragged Edge last month, entitled Second Nature, was accepted for the Aug 1 issue. Thanks for letting me know about them!

    I'm trying to work on some longer short stories this weekend, so I hope I get somewhere soon!


  • At 7:41 PM, Blogger Chris Bartholomew said…

    Hey, congrats!


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