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Friday, June 02, 2006

Issue Six

Half a year! LOL, well, I'm happy about it.

This issue is well rounded with articles, stories, poems, and an addition to Monika M. Segally's wonderful/addictive Novel "Quietly Crazy" and of course we will be adding to the comic Along the Chesapeake - by Adrienne Ray.

I see that there is a discussion brewing over the article
Top Ten Bikinis in Science Fiction and Fantasy Films - by Brianna Kelly over at Anotherealm

I'm getting emails from the authors about the illustrations, aren't they wonderful? The illustrators have done an amazing job, and Lee Kuruganti did a fantastic one for the Bikini article. When this article came along I asked Lee to illustrate it, I just knew she'd come up with something wild and crazy...and she did!

All in all a fine issue and I hope everyone reads it all.



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