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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

good things

Well, something good came out of the hacker email...a producer/writer who had a story in the first issue has written a story that is shooting a movie about it this month. He got one of the emails, which reminded him of Static Movement and he sent me the story to publish next month. I think this is very cool, and the story is a great one, the movie no doubt will be wonderful. Good comes sometimes out of bad, but I wasn't expecting it so soon.

Still have the job...they made an offer I couldn't refuse.

Sales are up at the store, which might mean that some of the Jasper Sucks people, unknown to me have come in for a biscuit...things will settle down soon, for awhile, as usual. lol.

We've already gotten a submission (that's two counting the producer) so that's looking up too, usually we start getting subs later in the month...



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