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Sunday, May 28, 2006


That was the score at the Braves game in Atlanta...the Braves won of course. It was great to be there, the seats were third row from the field on third base, very nice.

We are getting ready to publish the June issue and I really have to hand it to the editors and illustrators, after getting subs mostly at the end of the month, everyone has really come through. I think everyone will enjoy reading us in June.

I added a chapter to Quietly Crazy yesterday, as well as updated my column and added a frame to the comic Along the Chesapeake - by Adrienne Ray, I hope everyone stops over and reads the new stuff!

The zine is a blast for me to do, sorry about not updating as often as I used to but work is still making me so tired that when I get off I can't bring myself to do much...ugh...getting old I guess, lol.



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