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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Could not for the life of me think of a title for today's blog, so...

I published a poem from a man I work with, It's called Monsters in the Woods by Timothy J. Donley...hope all enjoy it. It's really cool to know a writer in person, locally. He is very animated when he speaks of writing and it's fun to watch, and fun to publish someone like him. He works two jobs, so he's working seven days a week...ugh...I never had the energy.

When we first met, I told him I was a writer and he asked (of course) what I write. I so wish you could have been there to see his face when I told him mostly horror and that horror is my favorite...jaw dropped and he looked horrified, LOL...oh me, it was a precious moment.

As writer's we think deep - sometimes that's a good thing and sometimes not - but one thing is for sure, there is nothing like a writer and I'm proud to know so many.

As a person (believe it or not) who has spent the better part of my life in service to the Lord, I've been hit really hard by having to move into a smaller place, giving up half of my things because they won't fit here, and quite frankly I would suppose that I am living in the wrong side of town.

I'd been sad to almost crying about it all until I saw something today. If I really believe what I preach, then the accumulation of 'things' here wouldn't mean a thing at the end of it all...what will stand is me, just me, no possessions, no houses, money, 'things' none of this matters on the other side. Not that you shouldn't strive for things if that's what it takes to make you comfortable, I just mean that success isn't all material.

All of this struck me when an assistant manager asked me today where I live, and I said I think I live on the wrong side of the tracks, and she said, "what difference does that make?" I thought that was very interesting...what difference does it make, I'm living, it really doesn't make any difference where.



  • At 12:21 AM, Blogger Rachel Kovaciny said…

    If I really believe what I preach, then the accumulation of 'things' here wouldn't mean a thing at the end of it all

    It's so true, but something I forget all the time too. I get so focused on completing my dvd collection of some old tv show I love, or getting every book ever written by a favorite author. And if I'm out of funds and can't buy what I want, then I get all pouty, mentally. But really, it's all transitory. What I should be focusing on increasing are my heavenly treasures, so to speak. It's so hard to remember, though, that we're supposed to be "in the world, but not of the world". Focusing on wordly goods (and my lack thereof) is probably one of my biggest spiritual problems. Thanks for reminding me that getting more 'stuff' is not supposed to be the point of my existence!


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