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Friday, March 31, 2006

Issue 4

Issue 4 will be published in the early between 1 and 3AM so there is still some time if anyone has a story to send in, lol. We are proud of Static and everyone who has been published there and will be in the future. Thanks everyone!

Here is something for you to check out, it's very cool so go read some stories or submit where your stories have been published so we can go read yours! DOA


Monday, March 27, 2006


I just hate it when someone online falls off the face of the earth with no word. Has anyone heard from Paul Campbell? Paul, it'll be strange to have an issue with no illustration from you - what's going on? Please email me...

Only a few days left and we are still working on getting those accepted stories proofed and formatted for the April issue. There is still time so come on and get those stories in.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006


April is almost here so get those submissions in folks! Yes, we will be accepting submissions up to the last minute for all those procrastirnators out there.

I've updated the guidelines to be more clear on some points. I updated my column also, just a little update but there you have it.

Things are going well with Static Movement, hats off to Jamie and the rest of the staff, great job! April might not have many stories and such but the one's we are going to publish are well worth the reading.

Until next time ~ Chris

Monday, March 13, 2006

Looking for submissions for April

With April coming fast, I thought I'd mention that we are looking for submissions. No theme, that makes it pretty easy. I would love to have some unknowns in this issue...any takers? So far I have two stories and two poems for April.

I log on to see the stats everyday for Static Movement. Over fourteen thousand hits in three issues, people are reading - so how to get them to submit? Sometimes I'm sure it seems as if we aren't doing anything, but we are. There are stories in Smeerp that the editors are looking at and I didn't count those for April because I don't know if they will be accepted or not, but if you know someone who is a writer looking for a place to submit, please tell people about our little zine.


Saturday, March 04, 2006


Have I mentioned no profanity? Yes, but maybe everyone hasn't read this all over the internet so I should have profanity even in the accepted AstoundingTales stories I said I'd publish, the first one to come along had the F word 15 times...duh, NO PROFANITY ...March is our last issue that will come with a disclaimer about content...

Friday, March 03, 2006

My Column

My column on Static Movement has been updated to say that anyone who had stories slated for the March issue of AstoundingTales is welcome to send that story to us and we will publish it. It was already approved there and we will take it here.

I know how it is to have something accepted yet not published because something went wrong...for the halloween issue of a zine called "The Writer's Tavern" I had a story accepted that never went up because their webmaster just went away and they are no longer online, not to mention a story that WAS published by them but, as I said they are gone. Ragged Edge Publishing had a lot of my work but they are no longer online. I had a story for Writer's Nook and Reader's Corner slated for their print issue...and then they decided not to go to print. I have stories in magazines that are so expensive that I can't even buy a copy and stories for anthologies that may never see print. I know the dissapointment after once getting accepted and not being published, so I offer my zine to those who were accepted for that March issue.