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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Today (oh, and Chris Turner/Yuba City California

Updated Columns on Static Movement:
Monika Segally 2/14/06
Chris Bartholomew 2/15/06

Today the computer loads the full blog, yesterday it would only load half, the half that lets me sign in and post was the part that was missing so yesterday was un-cool.

Today I got a job, I'll be working from 3AM to 11:30AM so...the job offers naturally are coming in (now that I got a job) so I might take another one to make up for the time I'll be home to get things here on track faster (or is that quicker, Rachel?) LOL...I am thankful for the editors, they (Rachel) emailed me that there were some mistakes on Static. I have fixed them, we all need editors don't we? Yes we do.

You can see from the Blog below that we have gotten another submission from our Sci-Fi writer E.S. Strout, we hope he will become a regular. I was happy to have a Science Fiction submission with our new editor, that could have been embarrassing to ask someone to come aboard and then give them nothing to read!

(The heading on the blog is for people looking for me, as I am looking for people too but I'm not going to pay to find them...Ken Smith/Starla Steen/Hugo Cervantes...from high school)


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