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Friday, February 10, 2006

Guidelines again

Well, I changed the guidelines again, the only thing I did really was to make a larger font for NO PROFANITY. I was looking at some other zines today and found that they had different words in bold, you do know that if it's in bold then it is really, really important right? We are asking for submissions for March where the theme is Keys, and we are getting submissions but a lot of them contain profanity and I wonder about this since I can see from the stats page that most of the people who are sending in the stories have been to the guidelines page more than one time.

Am I old fasioned? I don't really think that I am, but I've been sheltered, people don't usually cuss and carry on around me. All that profanity has just not been a part of my life, I don't write it and I don't enjoy reading it. If someone uses wonderful creative words, and then throws in a cuss word it completely ruins the work. People say it's the real world to have someone cuss. Well, is it really? And in your fiction, whatever you write, is it the real world you want to protray...not. People read to relax, to get away from what they live every day - people want to be taken away. When you write, think about the reader, what will they think?

I used to have the most horrible dreams. All of my life I've had horror dreams, terrified when I wake up, afraid sometimes to go to sleep, but since I've started writing horror, I don't dream at all. Writing has become an escape. When I read, I don't want to see where I am, I KNOW where that is, I want fiction. Naturally, non-fiction is a bit different, and if you read the guidelines, you will see that there are some non-fic works that we will not accept.

Well, anyway...that's my blog and I'm sticking to it.
Please read the guidelines, they change frequently.



  • At 7:55 AM, Blogger Rachel Kovaciny said…

    Am I old fasioned? I don't really think that I am, but I've been sheltered, people don't usually cuss and carry on around me.

    I know I'm old-fashioned, and sheltered too. I like me that way. I don't appreciate cussing in books and movies, but I'll endure it because usually I can't do anything to change it, except hit the mute button if I know something objectionable is coming or use a china marker to black out words in books. However, when YOU are the publisher of a magazine, then YOU get to decide what rules apply.

    I don't think it's about censorship, as some might argue, but about standards. You could always add something to the posting guidelines that says that we reserve the right to remove and/or replace any objectionable words. Just my two cents.


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