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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Static Movement Issue Three Published Today

I hope you enjoy this issue, and I hope that there are more to come.

I said in the column how pleased I am with the staff, they've done a great job on Issue Three - I couldn't have done it without them, really.

I hope people are warming up to smeerp to submit stories, it's really a smart way to go for online magazines. I don't know how many times on Ralan's I've read where someone lost all of their stories, and then you have people like me who have to move quickly...and there the stories stay until someone can look at them, they are safe.

Be safe,


Friday, February 24, 2006

Static Movement...anyone around?

We don't really seem to be using the message board much, but it's okay, I will leave it there for's easy, you don't even have to sign in now.

I haven't blogged in a few days, truthfully, my job has me so exhausted that I'm not spending as much time online as I was. All I can hope is that I'll get used to it. I'm doing the same job with almost the same hours as before I had cancer surgery at a different location, but it's really getting me down to be this tired after coming home.

I've created the archive page and links for February, and everything that has been accepted so far for March is ready, so all we are waiting for is for March to come. I'm wishing my life away!

As it stands right now, we have as many works as we did in the Feb. issue with more subs to go through. Jamie has done a wonderful job taking over for me...I don't know how I could have done it if she hadn't volunteered. There are more wonderful illustrations for March as well, and a beautiful cover from Lee Kuruganti!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Here is a neat little real-time picture and if it keeps moving to the right, you can see where I work, right across the street, the first turn to the right. LOL, and I always thought that was a ticket camera...they fooled me.

We still need some submissions, keep spreading the word.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Today (oh, and Chris Turner/Yuba City California

Updated Columns on Static Movement:
Monika Segally 2/14/06
Chris Bartholomew 2/15/06

Today the computer loads the full blog, yesterday it would only load half, the half that lets me sign in and post was the part that was missing so yesterday was un-cool.

Today I got a job, I'll be working from 3AM to 11:30AM so...the job offers naturally are coming in (now that I got a job) so I might take another one to make up for the time I'll be home to get things here on track faster (or is that quicker, Rachel?) LOL...I am thankful for the editors, they (Rachel) emailed me that there were some mistakes on Static. I have fixed them, we all need editors don't we? Yes we do.

You can see from the Blog below that we have gotten another submission from our Sci-Fi writer E.S. Strout, we hope he will become a regular. I was happy to have a Science Fiction submission with our new editor, that could have been embarrassing to ask someone to come aboard and then give them nothing to read!

(The heading on the blog is for people looking for me, as I am looking for people too but I'm not going to pay to find them...Ken Smith/Starla Steen/Hugo Cervantes...from high school)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

March so far


The Serpents Belt by Clyde Andrews © 2006
In Bluebeard's Castle by Alison J. Littlewood © 2006
Man's Best Friend by Timbo Fisch © 2006


Death they found by Theresa Cecilia Garcia © 2006
I loved you once by Theresa Cecilia Garcia © 2006
Invisible by Theresa Cecilia Garcia © 2006
layers of gold by Saulander Evans © 2006
There is a feeling in the air by C. W. Smith © 2006
Rage Does Stand Between Reason and the Naked Flame by Anthony Bernstein © 2006

As you can see, we need more stories. Spread the word (there are still some stories in smeerp that the editors are looking at, but right now, these are the accepted works for March) Sixteen days left though.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I'm here blogging again (one g or two?)

People enjoy reading this blog, at least the one's who email me do and I'm glad...sometimes I think by reading what's going on with me, you will know your own life isn't so bad. I have to admit, I can't wait to say, "I'm so bored," it's been a long time!

I hadn't gotten any mail (snail mail) for a week, as the post office here changed the lock to the wrong mail box, and I just got the keys for mine today...there were no bills so I know something is drastically wrong, my mail has been misplaced again, I'm sure of it...

Meanwhile, driving the truck to take one of my sons to work today, I thought I had a flat tire. The wheel started acting like a flat, and the steering wheel was pulling to the left, then to the right. Well, there HAS been this noise under there during a right turn, but it quits so well anyway, no flat, we drove (my son drove, it scared me too much to drive it) and we did make it home, but it shook and carried on. So. Another problem. I need to quit saying, "what's next" because it seems someone is listening and then SHOWING ME.

Well, I've been tinkering with Static Movement again, I narrowed down the guidelines so that you don't even have to hardly scroll down to read them all, and I put the columns back on the staff and columns page, I think it looks better this way, but maybe I'll change it again soon, lol.

We are starting to get more submissions, keep them coming, tell your friends. I've been getting mail from people on Zoetrope saying that they are enjoying the stories on the site, I'm proud of that.


Friday, February 10, 2006

Guidelines again

Well, I changed the guidelines again, the only thing I did really was to make a larger font for NO PROFANITY. I was looking at some other zines today and found that they had different words in bold, you do know that if it's in bold then it is really, really important right? We are asking for submissions for March where the theme is Keys, and we are getting submissions but a lot of them contain profanity and I wonder about this since I can see from the stats page that most of the people who are sending in the stories have been to the guidelines page more than one time.

Am I old fasioned? I don't really think that I am, but I've been sheltered, people don't usually cuss and carry on around me. All that profanity has just not been a part of my life, I don't write it and I don't enjoy reading it. If someone uses wonderful creative words, and then throws in a cuss word it completely ruins the work. People say it's the real world to have someone cuss. Well, is it really? And in your fiction, whatever you write, is it the real world you want to protray...not. People read to relax, to get away from what they live every day - people want to be taken away. When you write, think about the reader, what will they think?

I used to have the most horrible dreams. All of my life I've had horror dreams, terrified when I wake up, afraid sometimes to go to sleep, but since I've started writing horror, I don't dream at all. Writing has become an escape. When I read, I don't want to see where I am, I KNOW where that is, I want fiction. Naturally, non-fiction is a bit different, and if you read the guidelines, you will see that there are some non-fic works that we will not accept.

Well, anyway...that's my blog and I'm sticking to it.
Please read the guidelines, they change frequently.


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I'm back but slow...back to dialup.
If we are going to stay alive, we need submissions. I'll be visiting boards and asking for them, if anyone has a spare story (and we all have a few) please give Static Movement a try, I'd hate to think we only lasted 2 months after all the work the staff has put in.

I'm moved into a place about a third of what I had, but haven't lost anything - just can't turn around, lol.


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