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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Science Fiction Editor

Chuck Turner has been added to the Static staff as Science Fiction Editor. I am pleased that he decided to join us, and I'm hopeful we will be getting lots of Sci-Fi submissions as enthusiasts have been adding our ezine to their links pages.

I am appreciative of the zines who've put a link up to us, as I think link pages are a great help in finding places to get our stories published. Sometimes I think publishers don't realize just how important that link page is. I spend hours going from link to link in my quest for publication and I hope many places will start adding Static Movement to their site.

If anyone reading this frequents a special zine, I would ask that you request our link be put on their pages. Linking is a resource, not something ezines should have a few of. (Unless of course it's a space thing.)


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