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Friday, January 06, 2006

Improvement? And the contest

I put the stories on the front page, and the staff and columns on another, I hope this is enjoyable and easier for wasn't easy turning everything around. If anyone notices anything missing, please email me, I did loose everything and had to find it and put it all back for the staff, columns and all links. I think I have it now, but wanted to let everyone know to tell me if somethings wrong.

I have gotten two stories so far for our "I can't give this story away" contest and just as I thought, these are good stories. I think a lot of times we have a hard time knowing where to submit. I have a few ideas for these stories and will set about getting information to the author of both stories this weekend. Know I'm not guaranteeing acceptance anywhere, but I have a few ideas of who might like these stories. Send your favorite one that you can't give away and I'll do my best to help, honest!



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