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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Cylert (generic name “pemoline”)<>

I went HERE today and found this post, then I went to the above link and I gotta say…I just don't get it. <>In this country people are allowed to be homeless, allowed to die with dignity for the most part, allowed to kill innocent babies with no one stepping in to say that they don't know how much they are hurting their bodies…yet these medicine companies along with the government can come in and tell you that because this medicine MIGHT make you sick, you can't have it any more.

<>You can have an abortion, but you can't judge what medicine you can take, you can drink yourself to death, but you can't judge the risks of your own medicine, you can have a doctor unplug you – but you are not allowed a say in what you need to live…if you want to live. <>

People who take Cylert (generic name “pemoline”) have life threatening sicknesses, they will die without meds, but its okay if they die, we just don't want them to die of liver disease. This is what they are saying…it's stupid.


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