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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Boobies, Buzzards, and a Coupla Smoochies is going to be published...

Found this today, pretty cool, I'd like to draw your attention to the book,
Boobies, Buzzards, and a Coupla Smoochies, which I've written two chapters for so far...I won't say which two, as I don't know if they'll reveal who wrote which ones, but if you've ever written out of your genre, you'll know what I was up against, but it was fun, it's a writing credit, and it was done with some outstanding authors. Please check it out!

Noticed tonight 1/16/06 that the link isn't working...maybe it'll work later, and hope they didn't change their minds again, will keep you informed.

If anyone reading this is daring enough there are a few more chapters to be done...get in touch!

I added another small gallery for Kevin James Hurtack to the site, with a link to his own gallery site, please take a look.



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