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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Last Blog (Not forever, silly)

Well, I've updated my column over at Static Movement and am getting ready to publish the Feb. issue. I've created a link to the Jan. issue and am sorry to have to do this a bit early but I'm having to move and I'm not sure when I'll be packing the computer. It'll be easier if I at least have that done - one less thing to worry over and it's only one day early if I publish it tomorrow.

I have enjoyed this blog and will miss being able to write on it, as well as seeing everyone but I'll return as soon as I can. Writing and conversing with writers is my happiness, so this whole thing makes me very sad ~ hey, you all play nicely together till I get back!


Friday, January 27, 2006

blog blog blog

lol. I didn't have a heading for this one, blog isn't very original is it.

Jamie Schmidt has offered to help with the zine till I can get back. She won't be able to update the site, but she will be able to grab the submissions out of smeerp and strip off the names and send them off to the different editors. I hope people do submit...

Feb. issue and other stuff...

The second issue is about ready, unless someone else wants to submit something real quick...we are almost there. No matter what you do, time goes so fast, and this month is already almost gone.

I got a submission for March today, using smeerp. I love that system and wish everyone used it, it's so easy. I have not read the story yet but I've taken off the name and sent it on.

I updated my column and hope everyone reads it. It's a long one though, three pages but important.


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Science Fiction Editor

Chuck Turner has been added to the Static staff as Science Fiction Editor. I am pleased that he decided to join us, and I'm hopeful we will be getting lots of Sci-Fi submissions as enthusiasts have been adding our ezine to their links pages.

I am appreciative of the zines who've put a link up to us, as I think link pages are a great help in finding places to get our stories published. Sometimes I think publishers don't realize just how important that link page is. I spend hours going from link to link in my quest for publication and I hope many places will start adding Static Movement to their site.

If anyone reading this frequents a special zine, I would ask that you request our link be put on their pages. Linking is a resource, not something ezines should have a few of. (Unless of course it's a space thing.)

Monday, January 23, 2006


First, I updated my column

Now, I haven't had any submissions since I announced we are going to only accept submissions by using smeerp (the address is on the guidelines page) and this might not mean anything, maybe everyone who wanted to be in the Feb. issue has submitted, but I encourage submissions all the time, so if you have one, get an account at smeerp and send it in. Once you see how easy it is, you'll wish everyone used it.


Friday, January 20, 2006

Ten Plagues Anthology

upsated (lol, updated it too!) my column

This sounds very cool, read the guidelines and see if you can't come up with something. Ian Donnell Arbuckle, Editor, is one of the authors in our Jan. issue and his anthologies are always cool ideas. (though he rejects my subs...LOL) I usually try to write something for these as I think they do well.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Yep, they have changed their minds yet again. I got an email that just said;

Due to unforseen circumstances, the book, "Boobies, Buzzards, and a Coupla Smoochies is being cancelled.
I know that all of you put a lot of work into the book, and for that I am truly sorry.
All the best with your writing careers, and have a wonderful 2006.
(subject line: I'm very sorry)

I'm very sorry too. I'm outspoken enough that if they decide to change their minds yet again, they probably won't include my two chapters, but oh well and who cares? Here goes:

I don't have to get an email telling me what happened, I already can guess. Someone said something to someone who told someone else and it got around to everyone putting in their two cents worth and now it's off again. Naturally, I wasn't involved in any of it because I am busy writing and trying to run a zine.

I was asked to join a certain messageboard and I did, posted a few messages, and here is an email I got this morning concerning that:

***It has come to my attention that there is some trouble between members of (name of board removed by me). Because of this, I am reopening our rules and guidelines for all members. Please read them. If you cannot abide by them, please ask to be removed as a member.

Also if you have any questions, concerns or problems, please pm or email me. I (Name removed) am the one in control of the board. )Name removed), the moderator, is a helping force.

Sincerely: (whomever)***

I can't tell you how I HATE these types of letters, and may I mention that some of the same people who sent me this belong to the group who WAS going to publish the above book. WHy do I hate these letters?? Yep, I'm going to tell you...

The letter was mass mailed obviously, because I haven't had ANY trouble with anyone and so I know it was sent to everyone on the board...and well folks, that's just plain wrong, and it's also high school. I wrote back and asked to be taken off of the membership of that place. Don't email me with other people's troubles, if I make a mistake or do something stupid, sure, let me know, but don't treat me as if I'm some part of the gang because quite frankly I AM NOT!

Why does all of this bother me so? Because I AM BUSY! Because I'm drowning in personal problems that you can't possibly have a clue about, but still writing when someone requests me to, and then they pull the rug out, and then tell me to READ THE RULES...are you kidding? I'm 51 years old for gods sake, yelling all around the internet about people NOT reading MY guidelines and then someone has the audacity to send me spam???? And all this after a personal plea for me to join? Please!

Rant over...but I'm still pissed off.

Thought I was gone didn't you? Here is one more thing...

I just read over on another forum that Bewildering Stories has signed a contract to do print copies , their time travel contest is where they will get some, if not all of their stories from.

They are getting LOTS of entries, and if you'd like to be in the running to be in the book, you should go see the guidelines and enter...I entered two, not one but TWO stories that were NOT accepted into the contest...I'm starting the year out like a bull in a china shop, who ever heard of a CONTEST entry being rejected? LOL, OMG.

You enter though, it's a good shot at being published in a print book...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I've been trying to post everywhere that I can think of that I need to get in touch with some of the people who have work that will appear in the Feb. issue. I don't know if it's my email or your email, but here it is:

(Erased the message to the Zoetrope one...he answered.)

UnityFlow: YES, please do send the comics you suggested and NO, I have not gotten any email from you for a long, long time. People are wanting to see your comics so send away. Also, I emailed you (several times) and asked, do you want a gallery?

There. Let's hope everyone reads the blog. If I don't hear from the one about the name, their work won't be in the next issue, and I'd hate for that to happen, but I gotta know the name.

Anyone else who's up for Feb. Please...if you didn't send a bio with your work, email me one before the 1st.


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Cylert (generic name “pemoline”)<>

I went HERE today and found this post, then I went to the above link and I gotta say…I just don't get it. <>In this country people are allowed to be homeless, allowed to die with dignity for the most part, allowed to kill innocent babies with no one stepping in to say that they don't know how much they are hurting their bodies…yet these medicine companies along with the government can come in and tell you that because this medicine MIGHT make you sick, you can't have it any more.

<>You can have an abortion, but you can't judge what medicine you can take, you can drink yourself to death, but you can't judge the risks of your own medicine, you can have a doctor unplug you – but you are not allowed a say in what you need to live…if you want to live. <>

People who take Cylert (generic name “pemoline”) have life threatening sicknesses, they will die without meds, but its okay if they die, we just don't want them to die of liver disease. This is what they are saying…it's stupid.

Monday, January 16, 2006


I talked about these three things here.

The reason I'm putting this link in the blog is because I noticed some searches coming from my headings, and I thought if people searched Boobies and got my blog on the book a bunch of us are writing, the least I can do it put something in a heading that might actually do someone some good.

The reason I know about who's searching what to get to my site, is because of the stat counter that is on the bottom of some of my pages on Static Movement, and this blog. When I check it out, which is often, I can see what people are looking at, what story, column, whatever, and there is sometimes a link of where they came from.

If you know someone with a sickness, you might direct them to this column, will it help? I don't know but it can't possibly hurt, especially if the answer is there to make them better.

Email submissions to it works now, thanks Keith!

the above message posted twice so I deleted it from here...
We were gone, then back, now gone again...but when we get back later today it'll be for good this time. I'm thankful to friends.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Um...isn't life interesting. ROFL

The reason Static Movement isn't where YOU can see it is because I'm changing servers...and as soon as I put the information into the place where the names staticmovementonline and bikrpreacher are...they changed it over and naturally, since I read that it would take 48 hours, I was not prepared for this. (I can still see the sites by the way.)

I'm the only one who can get to the information also, and I don't know what to do in the cpanel...that's where the brain for Static and bikrpreacher are -well, you knew I didn't have the brain. Anyway, what I wanted to say is that if I have to build the site all over again it's going to be awhile...not months or anything like that, not too long but maybe a few days.

Lots of you won't like this part, we are going to lose the forum - but the good news is that we will have another one. What's this, like the third time now? I'm sorry, but you all better use this one! lol.

Keep your fingers crossed that I can do this quickly.

Meantime, I'll update here of course, the saga of the Bartholomew. I'm cursed, I know it, but I'm fighting it with all my heart! Writers are great, I know you'll all hang with me.


Saturday, January 14, 2006

Comic by Paul Campbell

I added a Comic Strip done by Paul Campbell tonight, it's on the front page at Static Movement, I like it, I hope you will go and take a look. Paul did an outstanding job, he doesn't usually do comics, but we've talked about it and after finding out that he had done one, he did this for us. Thanks Paul!

I added a column for Monika yesterday, very funny, the link to it is on the Staff/Columns page, she is such a good writer, I always enjoy reading her columns, hope you will read it too.


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Boobies, Buzzards, and a Coupla Smoochies is going to be published...

Found this today, pretty cool, I'd like to draw your attention to the book,
Boobies, Buzzards, and a Coupla Smoochies, which I've written two chapters for so far...I won't say which two, as I don't know if they'll reveal who wrote which ones, but if you've ever written out of your genre, you'll know what I was up against, but it was fun, it's a writing credit, and it was done with some outstanding authors. Please check it out!

Noticed tonight 1/16/06 that the link isn't working...maybe it'll work later, and hope they didn't change their minds again, will keep you informed.

If anyone reading this is daring enough there are a few more chapters to be done...get in touch!

I added another small gallery for Kevin James Hurtack to the site, with a link to his own gallery site, please take a look.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Static Galleries

I've added galleries for Paul Campbell and Thom Futrell, they are great and I hope you'll stop over and see them. Links are by their names on the Staff & Columns page.

Monday, January 09, 2006


Well, I've moved Static Movement to the For the Love market on Ralan's for the time being. This won't be for long, but until I can recover from some Christmas financial emergencies. I can only hope that this won't hurt submissions, but if it does, it does. I had to get the stress off somewhere and this was really the only thing I could cut. We will resume payments ASAP, in the meantime, we still need submissions, so please send something in.


Friday, January 06, 2006

Improvement? And the contest

I put the stories on the front page, and the staff and columns on another, I hope this is enjoyable and easier for wasn't easy turning everything around. If anyone notices anything missing, please email me, I did loose everything and had to find it and put it all back for the staff, columns and all links. I think I have it now, but wanted to let everyone know to tell me if somethings wrong.

I have gotten two stories so far for our "I can't give this story away" contest and just as I thought, these are good stories. I think a lot of times we have a hard time knowing where to submit. I have a few ideas for these stories and will set about getting information to the author of both stories this weekend. Know I'm not guaranteeing acceptance anywhere, but I have a few ideas of who might like these stories. Send your favorite one that you can't give away and I'll do my best to help, honest!


Thursday, January 05, 2006

Um...well, I lost the columns, everything that was on the front page...just in case you click to see what the staff/column page looks like, lol...oops

I'll be working on this till I come up with all the information and links/I'm an idiot that a word?


Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I couldn't resist...everyone's having a contest and I thought of a good one - well, I think it's good.
Go to my column on Static Movement to read all about it. I hope people will enter, it's free of course and a tad daring...but you can handle it.

We all have stories that we've written that we like, but can't place. Well...go see!


Monday, January 02, 2006

About Links

I wonder. In Static Movement I thought it would be cool to make the zines in a bio links so that other people could visit these other zines. I also think it looks good.

I accepted a work for Feb. asking the person to send links to their credits so that I could do that...and the person wasn't happy. They said some of the zines only keep work on for a small amount of time, and then said some zines are not happy with the links. Huh? I love links on a site and would love people to put Static Movement as a link on theirs. It's advertisement, it brings hits to a site, and might just give some people ideas of where to submit their work.

I guess now I will have to ask every place that I want to link to if it's okay...I just can't imagine that anyone would say, "Oh, please don't link to my zine...I don't want people to come and read us."

I rejected the work I had already accepted, seems to me attitudes are not warranted nor welcome in this business, aren't we all helping each other? You allow me to use your work on my zine and it makes us all look good, but then if we can't get along, well, it just won't work that way.

It took hours for me to look up all the links in everyone's bios. I felt it was a good thing, and I don't think it is too much to ask, if a writer puts names in the bio for them to do the looking I right?

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Static Movement well received

I've gotten lots of emails on the opening issue of Static Movement, I'm very happy that people are enjoying the stories, poems, and non-fiction.

Arthur Sanchez has won the first contest, the prize: An autographed print of the illustration that Paul Campbell did for his story, Homecoming.