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Friday, December 30, 2005

Updated columns on Static Movement

Under Ongoing Columns, I updated both mine and Monika's. You might find it interesting to read, especially if you know someone with either MS or Lupus...there might be a help there.

We are ready for the first, just one more day! I'm really proud of everyone working on the site, "the staff" who really are the zine, and the writers. Wonderful stories, I couldn't have asked for a better line-up. Thanks everyone!

In all my years, all 51 of them, I've never given a party because I always thought it would be embarrassing to throw one and no one come. This is a big step for me, so I hope lots of people come to read the issue, and that writer's will keep submitting.

For everyone who needs a good year, I hope 2006 is it for us all, let's just decide to make it happen!


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