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Friday, December 09, 2005

Something to do while we wait...

I still don't have a date that we might publish the first issue of Static Movement. Waiting for news has always been hard for me, but while we are waiting we can't just sit here...

AstoundingTales and Anotherealm have great contests all the time. Links to these two sites are to the right. I entered the one at anotherealm, and am working on one for AstoundingTales. Arthur Sanchez' usually starts out the contest with a story of his own, and this one is very good...go read it.

The trip to Virginia and North Carolina is still on. Ice and snow are in the forcast, oh joy.

I have no other news to talk about. Keep writing!



  • At 8:37 AM, Blogger Fran Friel said…

    Hi Chris,

    Looks like a fine blog you have here. Thanks again for stopping by Yada Feast. I hope to see you again.

    I'll look forward to more news about your mag. Birthing is always a challenging time, but I'm sure you will all deliver something wonderful.

    Good luck with the weather in your travels. We're getting slammed pretty hard today her in Connecticut. I'm holding out for warmer climes in my future. Tired of hybernation in the extreme cold and the extreme heat (well, extreme humidity, at least - like a fishbowl here in the summer). You would think the extremes wouldn't be so great here.

    Anyway, safe travels to you.

    Yada Feast


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