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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Publishing Delay

There probably will be a delay in publishing the first issue of Static Movement.
When we started the zine, we had a full time webmaster. When we parted company, our senior editor Dan Naden stepped in. Dan has done a wonderful job, but he works full time, and has a big family. He's not finding it easy to get away to work on the site. As it stands now, he's the only one here that knows how to do what he's doing so we will probably be posting a new start date for the webzine.
I know the writers and everyone else who's looking forward to the opening will be sad about this, but it's going to be okay, it's just that the holidays are coming and I guess our timing isn't great - it was as it started out, but when the webmaster left, well, we've really been trying to do a good job, things have gone well, I guess something had to happen.
I'll let you know when we find out what the new start date will be.



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