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Friday, December 02, 2005

Project Cancelled

The project with Ed Williams and Sooty, of Ed and Soots Writers Guild has been cancelled. This makes me mad, but I'll get over it. It probably wouldn't be so bad but this is the third project this year...good thing the end of the year is nigh...maybe 2006 will be better. What bothers me about two of them, (one I have no idea, the people just dissapeared,) is that they were cancelled because of other people. For the Ed Williams book, some of the other writers emailed the heck out of us all day, with 47, yep 47 emails and Ed finally threw in the towel. Well, Ed had a mighty fine idea that would have done well.

Putting yourself out there with an idea is always a gamble. There are going to be those that will criticize, and being a writer who sends out submissions and gets some rejections, I think we all know that. Always be prepared for those who won't agree! Don't let yourself get discouraged! If you write, do it! If someone doesn't like it, too darned bad! If you get rejected, fix it and send it back out there! Quit crying!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sheesh!

When I write, until the story is done, I rarely tell anyone what I'm writing about, because you can be sure anyone I tell would have a better way of doing it and my story wouldn't ever get written. As writers, we need to quit seeking the approval of every Tom, Dick and Harry. We need to write a good story and proceed to find someone who likes what we've done.

I send a story out, it gets rejected. I read what the editor said was not right, and if I can see his/her point, I fix it, and then it goes right back out there...I don't quit!

Keep writing!


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