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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hey again!

We've been busy getting the first issue of Static Movement ready, more the rest of the staff has been busy, me, I've been reading and sending submissions on, and talking on various message boards like Anotherealm, Astounding Tales, and Bewildering Stories. The links to these zines are on the right if you are interested in some conversation. The Static forum is hoppin' and I hope even more people will come on over and participate in the discussions. (Is that how you spell hoppin' remember, I'm not an editor and I prove it here often, lol.

You see the little box for hits to the blog at the bottom of this blog? I can't help it, I'm addicted to statistics. I got that way when Pete Marsh would tell me at Ragged Edge Publishing how many hits my poems would get on his site. Not bragging, but stating a fact, Static Movement is doing very well, at 3971 hits in less than two months online, as is my personal page at 696.

I mention the stats because now you know why I'm a little nervous now and then. We are going to have a great zine, no doubt about that. We've had over a hundred submissions so far, and we have one other artist interested in doing illustrations for the webzine besides our Paul Campbell, and someone who does interviews with publishers and editors interested in doing interviews for us every month. I think it's exciting that people keep coming that want to be involved with our effort.

Our editors are busy reading submissions and it never ceases to amaze me how dedicated these people are, it's amazing how quickly they respond. Our new editor, Rachel Kovaciny is not only reading and rating submissions, but she is also formatting them for Dan Naden to set to page. Speaking of Dan Naden, our fiction editor, he's also now webmaster, and I think he's done an amazing job on the site. Paul Campbell did an excellent job on the logo, (on the front page top and side,) I liked this Static image so much that it's now on my desktop, an amazing illustration. For more of Paul's illustrations, you can see them on the forum, and of course in the first issue where he is illustrating some of the stories.

Most of the staff has work online, I think for the next blog I'll get some of those addresses and let you go see for yourselves how great their writing is. I'm not bashful; a lot of my writing is in my own website at bikrpreacher, on the credits page. I also put a ragged link, it's where I put everything I could remember that was on the Ragged Edge, the zine website before they went offline. Ragged Edge was my favorite and I'll always remember Pete and Deb...I hope someday they will come back. In case they ever read this blog - you two will be welcome to join our zine any time.

Our Non-Fiction editor, Shanna Tolley, who also edits Non-fic for Dispatch, is moving to North Carolina, where she has a new job on a newspaper. I'm going to rent a truck here in Georgia, drive it to Virginia, where her belongings are, and then bring it all to her in NC. When will this 12 hour trip be? Well, that's why I'm telling you, I don't know. Sometime within the next few days I won't be here to blog or do anything else, I guess I'll be gone for 2 days, so I'll blog every day till I go. So...from now to then, when you don't see me, you'll know I'm on the road - see what we go through for our editors? (I don't want her traipsing all over the country-side; I want her at the computer working, lol.



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