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Monday, December 19, 2005

Fooling around...

Oh my, I crack me up! Still fooling around with the site...and messed up the forum, I just can't be trusted with the forum keys so this mistake will be with us until someone who knows tells me how to restore the thing. I was trying to add a banner, you know, like has on theirs, but it is telling me over and over now that I can't. Oh well...maybe this means I got the big mistake overwith so it won't show up in the zine when we publish on the 1st. I can only hope.

I am really amazed at the great stories that we have lined up for the first issue. I am looking forward now to new submissions. I hope the next batch is just as great as the first one was. I think everyone who reads the issue is going to love it, it's that good.

I didn't format all of the pages the same. I started out that way, but just as pictures and illustrations add to a story, I feel that the type and look of the word does too. I really tried to match the print with the feel of the story and I hope I succeeded in doing what I set out to do. I'm sure some will wonder why, maybe they will wander over here and find out why the pages are different.



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