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Saturday, December 17, 2005


Christmas. I just had to say something to the people who might read this that maybe are a little sad or dissapointed. It's a day that will pass. I hear so much about lonelyness and dissapointment at this time of year. It's too bad that we put so much pressure on ourselves to get so many things for so many people that we let ourselves down. Don't get depressed, know that it'll pass.

It sometimes seems as if everything waits for Christmas to go wrong. A lot of people are having a hard time, but I just hope that they remember the hard times they've gotten through before and know they will get through this too.

About the site. If anyone has a link they'd like to see on the links page at Static Movement, please send it along and I'll put it up. I had some banners from some people that I don't have any more, go look at the page, and if you aren't there - send it again please.

I think the site looks great, I believe the people who visit when we open will be pleased. It's been fun and will continue to be so.



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