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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Almost 2006

Finally. Looking for better things in the next year.

I found a site that talks about web design, looked it over, read it all, and found that I've done well in most of it, but was supposed to have links to HOME and STORIES on the bottom, (were I put them) and on the left top, so I went in and added links to the top left to all of the pages according to that web design page.

LOL...I also fixed the Columns page, which had column spelled coloumn...duh me.

When the 1st comes and Static Movement is online, if anyone finds any mistakes, I do hope someone will email me so that I can fix it. I've read the stories until I can almost tell them word for word. I'm going to read them one more time tomorrow and then I've promised myself to stay away, lol, I often break promises to myself.



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