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Thursday, December 15, 2005

All Seems To Be Well...

All of the stories, non-fiction, and poems that have been accepted for publication are set to page....ha ha-ha! I did it. All that's left is to add bios, artwork or pictures, and double check...and of course at the crucial time, to link the pages so that you can read them. I'm pretty excited about this and doubt if I would be quite this ecstatic had I not done it myself.

When all of the trouble started I wasn't sure I could do this, and am proud of all of the writers because they all had a chance to take their stories out, but none of them did. I have to thank the staff for hanging in there with me also, and for all of the support they've given during this time. Now, all that has to happen is that the site gets published.

The submissions deadline is coming fast…you better hurry if you thought about submitting something, just two more days!

Now to go look for pictures…


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