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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Christmas is almost here...again

(What time zone is this blog in anyway? It's 1:02 AM here, December 1, 2005)

Already December, time goes way too fast.

I recieved my chapter for the book I was telling you about, it's really going to be a tough one to write, it's about...nah, can't tell ya, but I can say that judging from all of the chapters it's going to be a great book, and I'm honored to be a part of this project. I got chapter two, lol, why that's important I don't know but there you have it.

Dan Naden has been hard at work on Static Movement, I hope you'll go see all of the changes he's made there. A new link page has been added so if you know of some links you'd like to see listed, please let us know! A few new welcome columns have also been added, one from Paul Campbell, and one from UnityFlow.

The submissions are still coming in. I'm not sure about a true number here, but we've gotten a ton of them. It's been a pleasure reading all of them, it really has. The bad thing about it is that they can't all be published and I hate writing rejections almost as much as I hate to get them, but it's all part of what we all do.

As we've accepted stories and poems, I've been putting the story/poem title and author on our forum, there is a link to the forum at the right.

Today I tried to get the horn fixed on a car so that my daughter-in-law to be can get her drivers lic. test tomorrow. I'm told I'll have to get a new steering wheel. When you buy a steering wheel, you also have to buy a horn kit. Does anyone else see how stupid that is?

Bye for now.



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