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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I've never blogged before, but I thought this would be a great way to update everyone on Static Movement, our new webzine of Speculative Fiction, as well as my personal writing updates. I am hopeful that all of the staff on Static Movement will be blogging here as well so we can see what they are all up to!

Feel free to comment on this blog, as well as send me information on what's happening with you. I'm always interested in what writer's are doing and where they've found a home for their works!

On the right please find the link to AstoundingTales, and go read the interview about Static Movement. I was pleased to be asked for the interview. They have a great issue for December, but then AstoundingTales issues are always great!

Some cool news, Ed and Soots Writer's Guild has brought together 20 writer's, of which I am one, to write a book entitled, get this, "Boobies, Buzzards, and a Coupla Smoochies", by Hal S. Heiny." Proceeds from this book will go to running the Guild. With Ed Williams and Sooty, this is going to be a fun project for all concerned, and hopefully the end product will result in something everyone will want to purchase for this great cause. The link for the Guild is on the right, I hope you will visit this site, it's a lot of fun and very informative!
(Until I can find out why the link on the right isn't working, please paste this url into your browser to visit their site:

When sending submissions to, it would be helpful if you would use one of two formats:
Single space with one space between paragraphs, or:
Double space, and indent paragraphs first line.

Until I think of something else to long!